What next?

If you would like to get in touch, you can call me on 07732 048 850, email me on contact@melissatredinnick.co.uk or send me a message via the Contact Me page of the website. Any message you leave will be accessed only by me, and treated confidentially. 

Once I have received your message I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, and we can speak on the phone to discuss your needs. If you wish, we can then arrange to meet for an initial consultation. 

This 50-minute session will give us a sense of how we might work together and allow us to talk about your reasons for seeking counselling. 

We can also discuss whether you are seeking short-term counselling to deal with a specific problem, or would prefer an open-ended arrangement. There will be no obligation to commit to further counselling, unless you decide you want to. 

If I think a different kind of support would be better suited to your needs I will do my best to refer you to someone else who can help.

I charge £50 for the initial consultation and per 50 minute session thereafter.

Short-term or Open-ended?

Clients sometimes ask how long I think they will ‘need’ to be in counselling, to which there is no simple answer. Every client is different and it might not be until you start counselling that have a sense of how you want to use it, or what you might get out of it. 

If there is a specific issue or crisis that you want to talk about – perhaps you are trying to come to terms with a traumatic event like a recent medical diagnosis, or a bereavement, or a relationship breakdown – then you might prefer a short-term counselling arrangement. Short term work would usually consist of 8-12 sessions and would focus on a particular issue or problem, to give you somewhere to offload your feelings in a confidential space and reflect on what is going on for you at the moment.

Ongoing or open-ended counselling would give us time to work at greater depth, to explore some of the underlying issues which might be contributing to your distress. As a rough guideline, open-ended clients often find that 18-24 months of counselling enables them to work through their difficulties and allows them to think about making changes in their lives. However, many clients decide to stay for longer. 

Sometimes clients come for short-term counselling but decide they would like to continue on an ongoing basis. It is your choice to decide when you feel ready to finish, and you are under no obligation to commit to counselling for any longer than feels right for you. Endings in counselling are an important part of the work, however, and I would always recommend a planned ending, so that any feelings evoked can be worked through and discussed.